Our Leadership
Pastor Florent Amisi-Josue Ali and Rebecca Madi
Pastor Florent is the pastor in charge of Centre Chrétien Parole de Vie (CCPV Toronto) since 2005. He is married to the lovely Rebecca Madi who oversees the Enlightened Women's group. They are both natives of the Democratic Republic of Congo located in central Africa. They have 5 children: Cindy, Noémi-SiFa, Florent-Hénoc, Elysée-Gloria and Shallom-Grace. Pastor Florent brings a message of hope, love, delivrance that focuses on teaching, prayer and evangelism.


Eltis Seti
  • Usher Leader
Dovel Okitondo
  • Moderator/ Follow up/ Interpreter leader
Patrick (Prosper) Makembo
  • Treasurer / Community Center Director
Mireille Kabangu
  • Secretary
Daddy Luyeye
  • Media
Nercé Ngandu
  • Moderator / Event Coordinator
Josue Tumbo
  • Choir Director